How Brushing Influences Tooth Health – Guide

Our teeth have the important task of making sure that food we eat gets properly broken down to aid digestion, therefore we must take proper care of them by making sure we brush regularly to promote their good health.tooth health topics from

There are many problems that can occur if we ignore brushing our teeth or if we do not do it properly. Foods that we take in when left to decay in our mouths form plaque ( a film of bacteria and saliva that can form on teeth) and tartar ( a hard deposit or organic material that forms on the gum line) which can lead to gum disease can result in tooth loss in adults. Other diseases that can occur are gingivitis, pyorrhea and not to mention the stigma that comes along with all these discomforts.

Not only does brushing your teeth help to keep all this ailments at bay, it also deals with embarrassing bad breath and discoloured teeth.

Nowadays tooth brushes are the commonest form of implements used to achieve oral hygiene even though traditional tools such as chew sticks and twigs of trees are still used. As with any method used, the main purpose is to get rid of entrapped and accumulated food substances in the mouth.

Soft tooth brushes are usually preferred than their harder counterparts, also the brush must be changed after every few months to get maximum benefits. Electric tooth brushes can also be used. Tooth brushes are usually used in conjunction with toothpaste to bring about even more effectiveness. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day or after every meal if necessary.

Incorporating a good brushing routine consisting of brushing at least two minutes every time, can lead to a lot of advantages and help prevent major problems with regard to tooth health and the health of the person as a whole since research has proven that poor dental hygiene can lead to major issues such as heart and liver disease. So now is the time to devote extra attention towards the health of your teeth by brushing them carefully.