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Console and Associates P.C. -Summary

Can you represent yourself in personal injury litigation? Armed with a good self-help law book, you have a fighting chance. check Console and Associates P.C.

For almost any lawsuit involving serious injuries, you simply must hire the best personal injury lawyer you can find. An experienced attorney knows how to force the insurance company to pay a maximum financial settlement. An attorney who has handled hundreds of injury cases over many years knows how much these claims should settle for. There is no way you can know this. These values are based upon years of jury verdicts and insurance settlements. Although the Internet has leveled the playing field to a great extent, (and my book will help a lot too), there is no substitute for a top notch, trustworthy PI lawyer. There is an exception to this rule. If the insurance policy limits are minimal, you may be able to use my book and the Internet to settle a serious injury claim for policy limits. This will save you from paying an attorney’s fee.

Simple cases, where the injury is minor and the fault clear (like a minor rear end car collision), can often be settled without hiring an attorney. The book will guide you through this process. Cases involving property damage alone can be settled fairly without the assistance of an attorney. There are guidelines that the insurance companies follow to establish the amount that should be paid. There are no such clear cut guidelines concerning the “value” of pain and suffering in a serious injury case. That’s why you need a lawyer, and the book, Winning Your Personal Injury Claim.